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Our upcoming

Home Is Where the Hart Is

concert will be a show to remember! We've been blessed with so many opportunities to work with talented people around the world, and now we're bringing the thrill of a full-on production to our hometown of Poplarville, MS. 


 We are independent artist, which means we don’t have the financial backing of a record label, so we are responsible for ALL of our own expenses. We often have to tour, play shows, and host events such as this one; to help support us through our future projects and endeavors. We’ve only survived this far because of our fans, sponsors, and supporters just like YOU! It takes a special person, with a big and loving heart, to help make your fellow friend and neighbor’s dreams come true!

We are preparing to put on a heartfelt homecoming concert in the city of Poplarville and with your help, we can bring the Chapel Hart experience back home for a night that we are sure, will be talked about for years to come!   

Chapel Hart Home Is Where The Hart Is Coner Pic.jpg

For every contribution you make, we want to let the world know that you are a part of the Chapel Hart Team. Sponsors will receive a variety of benefits ranging from being added to a promotional video to highlight the generosity of our sponsors, to having your business appear in the new reboot of the Chapel Hart hit single "Made For Me" music video, set to premiere on CMT! We ask that you give generously and whole heartedly to help raise and elevate YOUR hometown girls, Straight to the top of the music industry, to the top of the music charts, and ultimately help us to continue to shine our lights so that the world can see that God can take you from a small town ALL the way to the top!

Music Set


Your name/business will be mentioned in a, HOME IS WHERE THE HART IS, special sponsored VIDEO post that will go out over all Chapel Hart’s social media platforms.


  • Your name/ business will be printed on the OFFICIAL Home Is Where The HART Is concert t-shirt!

  • Special sponsors Video post! 

  • 2 Gen Admission Tickets

Music Equipment


  • Your name/ business will be featured on our “Home Is Where The Hart Is” banner that will be placed, by the city, on the largest bridge centrally located in the city of Poplarville! (This will also include any other banner that will be displayed around the city as well) 

  • Name/Business on the official concert T-shirt! 

  • Sponsors video post! 

  • 2 Gen Admission Tickets


  • You/ Your business will be featured in our NEW music video for our hit song “Made For Me” which will be featured & Premiered on CMT!!! (This will also be featured, internationally on several country music platforms!) 

  • Business name on Banner hung by the city! 

  • Business Name on the official concert T-Shirt! 

  • Sponsors Video Post!

  • 2 Gen Admission tickets! 


Video Production
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